The past two weeks have been nothing but teases.

A week after we move into our new house, Bill gets his bonus.  After all these years of moving and never buying new furniture, with the wear and tear of two kids and a dog, we plan on spending some of the bonus on new furniture.

We’ve already re-homed two chests of drawers to one of Bill’s managers, and she’s also going to take our couch when it gets closer to the move.  She has just moved into her first apartment, so she needs stuff.

Today we went to a mattress store, and considering we haven’t purchased a new mattress for our bed in about 18 years, it broke my heart to walk out of there without knowing a mattress will be delivered in a few days.

We’ve also been hitting up the furniture stores.  Rooms To Go, and a few Mom and Pop businesses, as well as a Lazy Boy showroom, has the designer in me rearing to go with filling up my rooms.  I totally loved everything I saw at the Lazy Boy place, but it involves MUCHO DINERO, and I need to much stuff to drop everything we have at one place.  But they inspired my room decor at least, and I took plenty of photos to help when we finally move in!

I need patience.  Can’t make any big purchases until we close on the house.  Sixteen more days.  SIXTEEN!

I will have to put up with the teasing for a while!

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